Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Taste of Sugar Snap Peas

This is my third year tending a little veggie garden, but the first year that I'm serious about it. I'll get into all of the details of what I've planted so far, but the highlight of this season is the first taste of sugar snap peas! I planted about 25 plants from seed (Ferry Morse Cascadia Sugar Snap), built a simple string trellis (okay, my husband built it and I tied string to the top) and just waited as the little vines got taller and taller. About a week ago the biggest pods looked like this.

A few days ago, I noticed that a couple of the pods had filled out. I pulled it off the vine and took a little bite. Yummy! So sweet, crunchy, and juicy! I handed it over to Kayla, my three year old, who loved it. I found one more for Marisa, my 21 month old, who chomped it up and asked for more. I'm so sorry sweet girls, but there aren't any more that are ready. Kayla knows better than to pull anything off the plants before I say it's okay, but Marisa immediately starts tugging on a flat little pea pod that will probably be ready in a few days and says "More, more, more!" Oh my, what did I start? I guess I should have waited until I had at least a handful before introducing it to my little one... maybe in a week?